Do Yaker travel add fees to any of the prices?

No, absolutely not! Yaker Travel never tracks your IP address or uses cookies to push prices up. We make real-time, live searches and find the best prices available at the time of your search. We have no intentions of pushing up prices, because we always want you to be able to find the best and cheapest prices available.

Do you include fees in the prices?

We do our best to include all mandatory fees and surcharges (fees that cannot be deselected) in the prices which we display. Our goal is to create as much transparency in prices as possible and we’re constantly working on making the prices more transparent. The challenge for us is all the (hidden) and constantly changing extra fees which the companies add to their prices.

What should i do if i experience inaccurate information on Yaker Travel

Our goal is always to show the cheapest prices and accurate information. Therefore we’d really appreciate if you would please inform us via our Feedback if you experience that we display information which is incorrect. Then we’ll look into the issue and take action.


Does Yaker Travel sell tickets?

No, we don’t sell tickets and you don’t book directly on our site. You book your flight, hotel, and car on the company’s site which we’ve directed you to.

Whom should i contact if i have a question about my booking?

If you experience problems with a booking and/or want to change it, you must contact the company you booked with. In case you’re not sure which company, you can find out by looking at the booking confirmation e-mail that you received from the company. You can also look at your checking account, where you can see which company debited the money. Yaker Travel doesn’t have any information about your booking, and therefore we unfortunately can’t change it and/or send you any confirmation about your booking.

Questions regarding car hire should always be directed to the telephone number stated on your voucher.

Can i trust the companies you have on your site?

We only work with established companies. However, it is important to note that it is always up to the user themselves to decide with whom they wish to book

What should i check before booking a flight?

Before clicking on the ‘Buy’ button on a company’s site you should always (double) check that you’ve given the correct information such as:

Travel dates
Departure and arrival airports
Number of passengers
Names of passengers



We use third party suppliers to provide you with the cheapest deals.


We use third party suppliers to provide you with the cheapest deals.

Car Hire

We use third party suppliers to provide you with the cheapest deals.

How do I provide feedback?

Your feedback is very valuable to us because it helps us improve our services. If you contact us via email or facebook, then please give us as much information as possible about your search including travel dates and destinations, as well as the name of company we’ve directed you. This information makes it easier for us to look into an issue and take action.

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